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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to questions we get asked the most. If your question is not answered below please get in touch.

Dentists – Your Questions Answered

Why can't I see prices?

Only GDC registered professionals can purchase Saber Tooth White products. You can easily view prices by creating an account or logging in.

How is Saber Tooth White different from other whitening systems?

How does Saber Tooth White achieve reduced sensitivity?

Our special whitening gel formula doesn’t require infra-red lights. It’s these lights that can often create sensitivity and discomfort for the patients. Our specially formulated whitening gel produces great results all without the use of these lights ensuring a more pleasant whitening experience.

How long is the procedure?

You will need to book your patient in for a simple dental check-up and to take upper and lower impressions. A further patient appointment is required to demonstrate the whitening treatment procedure. Your patient should start to see a difference within just a few days, although a full 2 weeks is recommended, depending on your patients desired outcome. We specifically made a no-light whitening system to reduce shade regression to the lowest level we could. While reducing long-term shade regression to zero is extremely difficult, patients who have professional treatment and follow a good dental cleaning regime can see their results last for up to 3 years.

What is the strength of the whitening gel?

The Saber Tooth White Professional Kit contains 4 syringes each containing 16% Carbamide Peroxide, providing brilliant whitening while remaining within the EU legal limits.

Does the kit come with bleachin trays?

The home kit does not come with bleaching trays, however we recommend you use an approved Saber Tooth Lab such as CosTech Dental Laboratory.

Where can I get marketing material for Saber Tooth White?

If you are a dental practice and are interested in offering Saber Tooth White Professional home whitening treatment to your patients then we can provide free marketing material for your practice. Simply call 0800 080 3017 or email admin@sabertoothwhite.com

Where can I buy refill syringes?

If your patient requires refill syringes, you can purchase these through our online shop portal.

Patients – Your Questions Answered

Is Peroxide whitening safe?

Yes it is absolutely safe. Further more the level of peroxide in our whitening system complies with current EU tooth whitening legislation.

Are there any unpleasant side effects?

No not really, though some patients may experience some minor sensitivity to teeth during treatment. This normally subsides quite quickly.

How long do the results last?

Once treatment is complete the results can last for up to several years providing you follow good oral hygiene and tooth whitening maintenance regime as advised by your dentist. Avoiding strongly coloured foods, drinks and smoking will certainly help maintain your brilliant white smile for longer.

How white can my teeth get?

This all depends on how discoloured your teeth are to begin with. Your dentist will be able to advise which shade can be realistically achieved given each individual case. Many patients have successfully achieved their desired shade of B1, though not everyone may want to achieve such a bright shade of white.

How long is the procedure?

You will need to book your appointment with your dentist who will have custom bleaching trays made up. He/She will then demonstrate how the treatment works. You can then start the treatment at home which can take form 1-2 weeks. Your dentist will advise how long and how often to carry out the treatment. The wonderful thing about Saber Tooth White professional home whitening system is that you can wear your bleaching trays on-the-go and no one will know!

Will the treatment change the colour of my crowns/bridges or implants?

No. Any crowns, bridges or implants fitted before the treatment will not be affected with the whitening treatment. Be sure to inform your dentist of any prosthetic dental work as this may affect your desired outcome.

Is there an age limit to whitening treatment?

Saber Tooth White professional home whitening treatment is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 years.

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